Dashboard Login URL: https://mr.iptv.uno (old Dashboard: https://sensustv.xdns.pro)
 Username is your Email address

Login to your Dashboard and open left menu MANAGE LINES => Add MAG (and get portal url)

E.g. Formuler device and MyTvOnline App, you would need to add MAC ID instead of mac address.
MAC ID starts with 00:1A…


We do not recommend to use MAG box anymore, best is to use an Android box in combination with m3u.

If you need a portal url, click on “Add MAG“.

add mag mac

Add MAC address OR MAC ID

If you have a MAG box OR another device which require a portal URL, you can add your MAC address OR (MAC)ID to the Dashboard.

add mac address or mac id


Once MAC has been added, you will get a UNIQUE PORTAL URL, add this to your device and reboot it.
(Sometimes it’s helpful to remove power cable.)

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Dashboard payment gateway is currently under maintenance. If you need to extend your Subscription, go to renew/order page. Choose your desired month/validity, provide your email (and m3u username if available), then select BTC/LTC to receive a new crypto address for extending or purchasing your subscription. (Each time you hit the monthly/validity button, a new crypto address is generated uniquely for you, ensuring payments are linked to your provided email address.) If you need help, contact us.